Latest 10 best movies apps free for Android, iOS,iPhone, iPad, Windows 2017

Best movies app: We have plenty of free movie apps to watch online movies on smartphones, tablet or smart tv. Watch movies online anytime and anywhere with simple hand touch on your mobile phone. Apps are available to watch any language with subtitles for another language to ease understanding. Have you missed any tv show then don’t worry we have millions of repositories to watch online stuff. Watch all the movies with HD quality. Search the movie with cast, director, language, year of release and watch your favorite streaming apps are trending search all over the internet.

Everyone who has smartphone loves to watch online movies and TV shows, watch sports live, we have many apps wich supports for live sports telecast for free of cost like football, baseball, Tenis. Download movies to watch them offline without internet connection. Watch any kind of movies like action, drama, romantic, comedy, horror etc. Latest free movies apps are coming . free movie apps for android, ios and windows are listed to download choose the perfect one to best movie apps.

Latest best movie apps for iPad

Moviebox app:

putting movie box on top movieboxhaving many reasons it has user attraction and great User interface. provides HD videos to the user to download them to iOS mobile. Moviebox app initially for iOS users now you can download for android and windows as well to watch movies. Watch your favorite tv online.

Cinema HD box:

It has a huge list of movies and tv shows to its users to watch online movies. download movies to your phone and watch them anytime anywhere without an internet connection. Cinema box HD available for iOS and android users install an emulator to use on windows. One of the preferred free movies app to watch online movies and latest tv shows and popular videos without interruption. Download cinema box apk now to watch movies offline.

Terrarium tv::

terrariumIn recent terrarium got good feedback from the users and has a lot of amazing features to watch online movies and tv shows and supports chrome cast to watch on big smart tv. Watch blockbuster movies of other languages with subtitles. above features are attracting the users to use terrarium tv

Megabox HD::  

mega Another free movie entertainer for High Definition video quality supports two different quality videos 360, 720 and it takes very less space compare to all the other apps for movies. its one of the top movie apps in 2017 to consider has a powerful search mechanism to search for favorite movies. its special attraction for android users to watch free latest movies on the app. it initial release for Showbox competition.


viewstarAre you a lover of tv shows then its one of the best app to install on android to watch tv shows regularly. It has a huge database of latest movies it has many categories of movies to watch. Very popular app because of its available on play store and advertisement also very huge for this app. Watch movies on android phone with crackle.

Showbox app ::

showboxShowbox App to watch free movies on android with very good picture quality 720p. It is one of the Popular apps on 2017 to place the app on the list of free movies apps. Has good viewer rating for watching movies. watch great movies with the genre like fiction, drama, romantic.

Showbox is not yet available for download directly due to some developer issues but you can download with other play stores. Frequently developers are adding new features to attract new users to Showbox.

Tubi tv::

tube tvWatch free online movies from the countries like German, Japanese with subtitles and stream the favorite show with any device from anywhere with free of cost and HD quality video. Entertain with tons of movies loaded and tv shows on your tiny screen. it’s having users 2M+ till date. The count will be increased to 3M soon. Download the app to watch online free movies.

Playbox movie app::

palybox apkHelps to watch out video content without great user interactive features. Supports videos quality up to 1080p to watch videos on HD. App is completely free of cost and no bugs has been identified till date developers are constantly updating the app and adding new content android user has to install this and take advantage of great features.

Playview app::

One of the rising movie app on 2017 to discuss and having great features, content it has only HD quality and continuous database update. expecting users will be increased more for this app.

Mobdro app:

mobdro apkMobdro is special app to install on android with special features like you can be a developer and develop your own design. constantly it’s modified to have a mark on users to use the app. Now download Mobdro for android iOS and windows to watch the movies.


Global video stream on demand service that supports movies and tv shows with lot of video content. Discover the most entertainment with view-star. Designed and developed for watching online free movies and videos.

In Conclusion: 

I hope you guys have good information about the movie steam app 207. Now you can choose best movies app which will be most suitable for your need.

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