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Rediff mail sign up is one of the popular web based email service which is provided by rediff.com. Rediff is best email service in efficiency and speed of access emails. It’s one of the best online mail providing service 100% free of cost to use apart from that they are providing online storage facility to store your files on servers.

Rediff provides unlimited storage space. Store your all-important files online in any case if you lose your data you can retrieve from online it get this sign up with rediff mail. Rediff updated to AJAX interface to get convenient for customers so that will support all types of devices includes mobile, tablet and extraordinary User interface for easy use. AJAX is light weight and high speed framework it’s one of finest feature of rediff mail. There are about 10M users to rediff mail it’s a vast number.

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Now rediff supporting many languages to send emails. Initially rediff launched his First email service on 2010 named “Rediffmail NG”. Now it has launched RediffmailPro on customer’s requirement base. Rediff uses POP3 and IMAP protocols to send and receive emails from rediff with this they also offering platform independent service to provide reliable service.

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Steps to Sign up with Rediff mail sign up

Will begin the sign up procedure need to register with rediff, First need to visit official rediffmail page then follow the below steps to get your first rediff account. For registration you need to provide details. http://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/login.cgi


  • Enter your first name and last name.
  • Next field you need to choose username and check availability remember this one while sign in you need to provide this.
  • Password field you need to form a strong password no one can tamper that this will protect your email safe and reconfirm the same in next field.
  • Next provide alternative email address if you have otherwise check that check box. Its an alternative method to recovery your email in case if you lose password.
  • Next filed you need to provide mobile number with county code. It for recovery support for your email when you lost your password.
  • Select Date of Birth and Gender in dropdown menu.
  • Provide living country and City or nearest city.
  • Enter Capcta to finalize your account. Its just a code to verify no robot is creating account.
  • Final step click on Create my account button to finish your rediffmail registration successfully.

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Finally words.

Hope you are registered with rediff mail service now sign in with your username and password provided during your registration. Now enjoy unlimited online storage from rediff. You can get as many accounts you want follow the above procedure to do so.

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